Dark sides of coriander oil. Which oil to use instead?

nanoil castor oil

When hearing the raves about coriander oil, it’s a good thing to hear the words of criticism too. It might quickly turn out that it’s not the best choice when we want top-quality hair and skin care. Are you aware of the biggest downsides of coriander oil and what to use to replace it?

Without doubts, coriander oil is a rich source of nutrients that give it really interesting health benefits, including antibacterial effect when fighting acne or dandruff. Still, you must be careful because overuse of coriander oil and using it without adding other oils might end up in irritation.

Three must-know downsides of coriander oil

1. Coriander oil is usually an essential oil: that’s why it might irritate delicate skin and has less nutritional value than all cold-pressed oils.
2. Coriander oil is rarely added to cosmetics: this suggests we should rather use it for cooking or natural medicine, and choose other oils for beauty purposes.
3. It’s hard to get a high-quality coriander oil: because this plant is native to the Middle East and its purest varieties are cultivated there.

So what to replace coriander oil with?

There are lots of substitutes. Actually, every natural cold-pressed oil will ensure a bit more nutrients, moisture and health.

Still, CASTOR OIL has the best qualities and, similarly to coriander oil, it has an antibacterial effect, soothes acne symptoms, helps treat dandruff, as well as keeps hair from falling out and boosts growth. That’s what makes it a brilliant replacement of coriander oil.

Castor oil: the best for skin and hair

Simple-looking castor oil conceals dozens of substances which help you perform daily care and achieve dream effects such as faster hair growth. The key ingredient is an untypical antibacterial ricinoleic acid yet the effects also depend largely on vitamins (A, E) and other nutrients.

Obviously, not all castor oils have the same content of ingredients so you must choose only the top-quality products: Nanoil Castor Oil is one, that’s for sure.

best organic castor oil

Nanoil 100% Castor Oil

You can apply Nanoil Castor Oil both to the skin and hair. It’s usually recommended as a remedy for acne problems and for clearing face skin of toxins, as well as to treat dandruff and thinning hair, strengthening, adding volume and beautifying.

Nanoil is a very light oil which is absorbed in no time. It is water-soluble and thus works great for face cleansing and comes off not leaving a greasy layer. Using Nanoil Castor Oil is really pleasurable.

On condition that you use it regularly, Nanoil:

  • reduces inflammation and eliminates acne breakouts
  • effectively clears skin of toxins, bacteria and sebum
  • delivers smoothness, softness and shine
  • intensifies and defines natural dark hair color
  • strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss
  • cleanses scalp and helps get rid of dandruff
  • stimulates skin microcirculation and hair growth
  • extends, darkens and adds volume to brows and lashes
  • strengthens, smoothes and makes nails glossy

Tbh, one dark glass bottle (50 ml) houses enough castor oil to use it daily for face, hair, nails, lashes and eyebrows. Because it’s a very thick oil, just a few drops will do for one application. There’s another thing that makes Nanoil last so long and it’s the ability to go along with other oils e.g. argan oil from the same line.

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